Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hello, my name is Nicky and I am a........

Yarn addict. It's true, for the first time today I have photographed all of my stash sort of together, well in sets, I had to get it out in turn, photograph it and put it back away before the next lot came out (there is no way it would all fit in one picture, well not unless I lay it all outside and its far too wet ,cold and muddy. I'm an addict not a lunatic for crying out loud, there is a difference or at least I'm desperately hoping that there is.
Now this is something I am sharing with you in confidence, Mr Knitternicky knows that I have a fair amount of yarn, he isn't stupid (as much as I would like him to be on occasion, mainly stash enhancing occasions) but he hasn't saw it all in it's glory??????? in fact like I said I hadn't until an hour or so ago. I do have one fail safe however, hubby is techno illiterate, he is one of those unusual beings who has very little interest in the worldwide web and even less knowledge of how access it, so hopefully unless someone he knows stumbles across this, puts two and two together that it's me his very good lady wife, prints off pics or drags him in front of a pc screen I should be safe. A girl has to have a little mystery from her man........
Now I know my not too little stash pales into comparison with some others I have seen in magazines and on the web but when I have gotten over the sick and shamefull feeling in the pit of my gut I'm sure (hopefully) I will have a little pride in what I have managed to accumulate but being faced with it all I suppose I really ought to stop buying, the only problem I have is that in my LYS the other day they finally had in the Sirdar Tweedie and the organic wool that I have been reading about, and I promised I would be back for some soon, I think I'd better learn to hold two sets of needles in one hand
Now if this blog publishes it the way I'm hoping it will ( this is why I dont blog very often I'm useless with technology and my knowledge although a lot more than hubby's is still dismally poor!) the top pic is my under bed stash (in the big underbed storage bags obviously) and my oldest stuff, a lot of it coming before I learnt the hard lessons of Ebay and impulse bidding etc (ok so I never really learnt them as such).
Most of the second pic of the full bags of yarn (mostly) is my first hard lesson learned of online wool shopping and inability to resist bargain online wool stores, this lots was from ,there were a few other lots in there that have been knitted up but the whole lot was a bargain at around £60. Some of it was paid for by christmas present money though.
The third piture is a lot of bits and bobs, but a fair bit came from an instore splurge in John Lewis last summer. It was the end of their sale and a lot of it 75%off, with an absolute bargain of Rowan summer tweed in lilac for 50p a hank. It had been labelled wrong shade wise hence the price, I nearly fell over when I picked it up and saw the price... I was prepared to kick the counter very hard if they wouldn't honor the price.

Fourth pic is some bits and bobs, most likely from ebay where I'm still not learning lessons!!!!

Fifth picture is what is kept in my sons overbed cupboard, in my defense it is all intended to be used for the boys and will end up back in there once knitted!
Sixth picture is what I have bought so far this year, the fo's included so proof that I do actually knit the with stuff I buy!! HONEST GUV!!
It isn't as bad as it looks, honestly, no really at least four balls of that was bought to knit for my neices birthday and some of it was bought with vouchers that I had for Christmas to go shopping in the sales. OK OK OK hands up isn't include the 22 or so balls I'm waiting to be delivered from Rowan that I bought in the online John Lewis sale........ now if they turn up when hubby is home that is going to a blog post on its own GULP