Monday, 21 September 2009

Some Recent Work (Look I Have Been Busy, Honest)

Hello there, I seem to have forgotten about blogging again for a while, the time passes so quickly and the weeks are flying by. I honestly thought I would have more time now the boys are back at school again, instead my time seems even more sparse.
Anyway here's a few bits and bobs completed in the last month or two.

This first one was actually completed last, it is a very thick jumper by Sirdar (pattern leaflet Bigga 8568) knitted in Bigga. The sizing only goes up to a 38inch chest which I suspected would be a little cosy on me so I upped the stitch count by a few as well as the rows to make it a little longer in length. The biggest size is supposed to take 9 balls but with my alterations I used exactly 10. The yarn is a wool/acrylic blend and was purchased from a long time ago. I had been looking for a pattern for a while to use it up as when I bought it I thought a 1000grms would be plenty but the yardage isn't that long and I had trouble finding something I liked that I had enough yarn for!! It only took 2 days to knit. Hows that for instant gratification!!!
This is going to be my footie training jumper, both boys are going training on Saturdays and Zakk is also going Tuesday nights. It is cold on that field and I'm hoping this will be thick enough to keep the biting wind out.

This is another Louisa Harding cot blanket taken from Natural Knits for Babies and Mum's. It is the same as I did for Isabel but in a more girly colourway. It was knit for a friend of my daughters who has just had a new baby niece . I added her initials into what would have been the plain panels. I hope Grace Alice's parents (and auntie) like it!! I used yarn from Hobbycraft, their own brand the palette range. It is 100% acrylic again but easy care and a lovely range of colours and a very good price too at I think it was around £1.55 a ball for 100grms.

This is a hoodie knitted for Zakk in Sirdar Snowflake Chunky. Vile stuff to knit with by the way!! It is pattern leaflet Snowflake Chunky 4310. It just needs a zip. The yarn came from EBay ages ago. I added the hood as the original pattern didn't have one. I still need to order a zip though.!!!

This was going to be a hoodie for Max the same as above but in an ordinary chunky yarn, however as always when using up unknown stash judging how much you have is a little hit and miss so I had to improvise a fair bit, including adding the contrast colour for the edging. This also needs a zip ordering, looks like I have some Internet shopping to do once I've finished blogging!!

This picture is unfortunately very off with the colours! This is a scarf requested by my daughter Leigh-Ann to wear to the Reading music festival which happened August Bank Holiday. Not trusting the British weather she asked me knit a scarf 2 days before she went in the loudest, brightest funkiest colours I have. The real colours are bright red, bottle green and purple. All from my stash and it's a simple YO K2TOG pattern knitted on 12mm needles, alternating the YO's. Not my favourite item knitted by myself but she loved and wore it in the evenings at Reading when the temps dropped and has also wore it since she came home.

I seem to have spent a lot of August knitting scarves!!! These two came about after finding the yarn in my local Wilkinsons store being sold off in a bargain basket for 10p a ball. I grabbed 3 balls of these two colorways and also some other yarn with a metallic thread running through it. They only had 1 50grm ball in a very pretty pink but 10 50grm balls in a dark green and silver.Not too sure what to do with those yet but these have knitted up fine and will possibly be used for either teachers pressies for Christmas or for myself at footie training to go with my lilac jumper. The top colourway is monochrome

and this is the purple mix

This a pattern I fell in love with some time ago. Unfortunately my knitting hasn't done it justice, maybe it is just the colourway I'm not sure. I bought the pattern ages ago from Kemps and by chance happened on the yarn a long time after in the clearance section but this was the only colourway (Mahogany) left. It is from leaflet Sirdar Duet 8679 and it only took 4 balls which being in the clearance section were only 49p a ball.