Friday, 23 May 2008

ooh eerr my first post.

I have not chose the best time to kick off my first posting on my blog but that is very typical of me!!! I will warn you in advance that I am highly disorganised, totally arkward and do things in a very strange and surreal way (well the last one is according to hubby but I do drive him nuts with it so he is entitled to his opinion). I suppose another way of putting it is I usually do things arse backwards but I was breech at birth and I haven't been able to stop since!
I currently have a very bored 3 year old nagging me and lying half on my older sons bed and half on the chair I'm sitting on kicking me in the back in order to gain my attention. The problem is after a couple of aborted attemps because the pc was playing up or my brain was hiding I've actually managed to get to this point and I'm a little scared that if I stop now I'll lose all this and it will take me a fortnight to figure it back out!
This is supposed to be my knitting blog and that is what I intend to use it for but I apologise in advance that my family life will be contstantly banging on the door to come in (or kicking my back). I suppose the two are interwoven so its inevitable.
I can't promise to be witty, entertaining or intelligent and any humour on here will very probably be unintended, usually my spelling I would imagine! I will however try and if I'm the only person who reads it then fine nothing ventured nothing gained.