Sunday, 17 May 2009


YEY I have yet another finished object, it is another that has been finished for a while but I had to order a zip online blah blah blah and then take it to have the zip put in because my sewing skills are so poor and my sewing machine is STILL waiting to be repaired :0(

I started this 12 months ago for Zakk but it went into hibernation behind the settee over the winter as I'd reached a point where I had to make a decision on how I was going to do the yoke. It is part designed by myself / part heavily modified pattern from somewhere else. I couldn't make up my mind whether to do the yoke as one piece with sleeves at the same time or each section individually and sew it all up after. I did it all in one in the end and the only sewing up is the lower part of the sleeves.I took a lot of notes early so I could attempt to write it up and eventually publish the pattern on here and/or Ravelry. I need to make one for Max too so I will have the opportunity to test what I have written and try a smaller size at the same time, you never know it may well appear here one day.
It was knitted in two shades of Patons Fab, I brought over a year ago in House of Fraser, Birmingham and the blue one is an air force/denim type blue shade 02312 and the red is quite a cherry red shade 02322. The zip was bought online and the shade is Saxe blue. I think I got it from here
I'm quite chuffed at how it came out, considering I finished it a year later it fits quite well although when I picked it back up I did add some extra length to it.
He has had it on all weekend. Of course the main reason he loves it is because it is technically claret and blue. The same colours as his beloved Aston Villa. Note to self, anything claret and blue Zakk will wear including my knitted stuff ;0)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Buttons Make Me Happy

What was I saying about sporadic bulk buying of buttons? This is another eBay win, I won this lot for £1.99 + p&p. There are some more very pretty ones in here and I am very pleased with them.

I think I am going to have a major sort out especially as I have some more on the way from another win! Oh the anticipation of sorting them into catergories and group etc. I really think I need to leave the house more often LOL.

Happy Birthday Zakk

Yesterday was my son Zakk's 6th birthday. Even though he had to go to school I think he had a great day. We had a small tea party for him after school with a lot of the family round, grandma, cousins, aunties and uncles and grandad etc.
He is having a full works party together with Max whose birthday it is next month in a few weeks time. That will be chaos with 40+ children running round my house, I have booked (I just need to find the money to pay for!!) a children's entertainer. Please pray for dry weather for me, at least then they can all be in the garden, if not it will have to be a gazebo village out there!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Blog Award!!

I've just been having a quick blog browse through some peoples blogs who I know from various forums and Ravelry etc (as you do whilst trying to avoid the housework) and stumbled over this very lovely surprise. .
So Sheila was given an award and promptly put my name up amongst others I hasten to add for a little bit of my own recognition. Thank you very much Sheila. I have given an acceptance speech
knitternicky said...
AHEM (cough cough)Thank You very much Sheila for making me one of your Blogger Award Choices. This is a very great honour for me and I have to say that I am extremely grateful that anyone reads it at all never minds returns for a second plus visit. Thank you that you have actually remembered it and given it a choice award is very humbling and I shall endeavour to carry on the good work. Ps Thanks also to my family whose makeshift meals are just eaten gratefully without too much whinging and moaning about mum trying to get something else finished, again. Whose clothes on occasion take more than the necessary day or two to be taken from the laundry basket and returned to their bedrooms, laundered and ironed. Not forgetting that their STUFF!! when littered around the home also takes a little longer than it should to be returned to it's rightful place because mum is too engrossed in knitting even for a light nagging on said items to be put away!!
06 May 2009 03:46
I am all happy and glowy now.
I wish I was a little more tech savvy so I could customise my blog a little more and improve the look of my posts but at least the time it takes to blog has reduced dramatically. I do keep playing with the controls etc though and hopefully will get there one day. In the meantime I think I need to add the blogs that I follow to my page so that is tomorrows job as I have just noticed my tummy rumbling and the time. Oops more makeshift meals and housework not done ;0)

My Needles Are Smokin........

Well I have been busy with the pins. These are both hot off the needles last night, finishing on them took forever BTW.
These are two summer style short sleeved cardies taken from the new for this season Sirdar Juicy Book, the pattern support for the new Juicy DK yarn out this spring. Unfortunately my LYS isn't stocking the yarn yet! so I substituted them for other DK yarns.
They were both knitted for Charlotte my friend's daughter, it was her birthday yesterday but she only just got them on her birthday thanks to my HUGE underestimation of how long they would take to finish.
The cream one is design D taken from the book Lacy Yoke Cardi. I've knitted size age 10-11, chest size 30in/76cm. It's a really simple lace pattern but very pretty. It is also available as a long sleeved design but I opted for the short sleeves for quickness.It is knitted in King Cole Smooth, which is very soft and has a cotton like sheen to it but it is acrylic so is machine washable and can also be tumble dried on low. Charlotte's mum is a busy working mum and also heavily pregnant at the mo so hand washing etc is a big no no.

The blue one is design H Short Sleeved Frill Edge
Bolero, this is also available in 3/4 length sleeves but again the short sleeves was a time frame thing. Sssshhhh I knitted it in a cheap acrylic aarrggghhhh!! Teddy Vanguard. It was given to me by a friend of my MIL about two weeks ago. She found it whilst having a sort out along with a few other knitting bits and bobs, a few sets of needles and stitch holders etc. I had a choice, it was either open the wardrobe door and risk not being able to close it again to find room to squeeze it in there or use it. The button is one of the blue mother of pearl buttons from my last post.
It is a very pretty and a very easy knit to do, I just wish I hadn't put myself under so much pressure time wise so I could have enjoyed knitting it more! I do like the finished effect though.I also think it looks lovely on her but then I am biased. I'm also very chuffed that she seems to like them.
Charlotte's mum's baby is due in around 6 weeks and it is also her younger sisters birthday next month, ooh err I'd better get clicking.....