Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Missing Link!

This is the link for the pattern from my previous post, which for some reason it would let me copy and paste the link.... looks like I need another lesson in blogging skills Knitted DROPS bolero in lace pattern with short raglan sleeve in ”Muskat”. Size XS/S to XXXL ~ DROPS Design

Out of Sync

Well hello there! A little longer between the posts than I intended but it is the same month so I'm doing well ;0) This is a very recent FO that was indeed finished 2 weeks ago, it is also my most recent FO in fact.

Hubby and I at my mum's cousins wedding a few weeks ago!! I made the bolero specially for the occasion. I wish I could say that my hubby is pulling a funny face but alas this is his normal expression XOD I think you will agree the bolero is the best thing about the whole picture......cheeky,!!

Well it is a design from Drops Design at GarnStudio and is design 119-27 shrug pattern. I was very pleased to discover the same design was pictured in this months Knitting Magazine (June 2010 issue 77), I'm a subscriber and my early copy dropped onto my doormat the morning after I finished it. The pattern itself wasn't featured, just a picture of it and a suggestion as a wedding season knit. I was chuffed to discover I was right on trend for probably the first time in my life!!!

It is knitted in Lang's 100% merino which is lovely and soft and lush. I bought it in Harrogate at the knitting show, I'm not 100% which stall it was from but Woolfish rings a bell. I do remember rummaging in a suitcase for as many balls as possible with the same dye lot. I think the lady was asking for £2 a ball but I think I did a deal for buying multiple balls, I think I got 7 balls for £10 in the end, 5 balls in this colour and 2 in a dark green.

The button which you cannot see clearly on the picture came from my Fekkers Christmas swap present from the lovely Leigh. She sent me a lovely bauble filled with georgous buttons, all pretty, some shiny or just beautiful in their own right. She totally pandered to my button fetish, but I was under orders that these were a stress buster pressie to sit sort and soothe my worries, but as this was a knit for myself, and a special one at that then I was sure she wouldn't mind.

I am very pleased with this knit, it's easy to wear and very comfortable. The colour will also go with a lot of my wardrobe. I also had the very dubious compliment of "oh you made it, but it looks like you would buy it in a shop" !!!!

Friday, 14 May 2010

She's Growing Fast

Just so I don't lose the blogging bug again this is a quickie post for a few recent FO's. I have some other posts lined up but the photos are still on the camera so this will do in the 15 mins or so I have available.

These are two knits for Isabel my friend Liz's daughter. She is now almost 11 months old (where did that go).

This first one is taken from the Let's Knit magazine issue 26 (Jan 2010) and is called Sindy, I used Regia 4-fach colourway 4258. It took 2 balls with a little left over.
I have to say I enjoyed knitting this and would definitely knit it again. It is an all in one construction knitted sideways across. Ravelry page is The cuffs for the sleeves were a little tricky and probably easier to sew by hand but I hate sewing up so much I persevered. I loved how it came out too, so did Liz, the only problem was less than 2 weeks after I finished it she had outgrown it.

So to make amends for being so daft at knitting such a silly size I knitted this instead. I think you'll agree that it fits fine.

Easily recognisable as a Sirdar pattern alas I'm afraid at this point I do not have the leaflet details as I knitted from a pullout from Knitting Magazine Issue No 63 May 2009. It is the Bolero from the girls cardi, beret and shoes collection. I used Patons Washed Haze in Lilac (if it helps to track down the pattern it was originally knitted in Sirdar Snuggly) ready for the summer.

Isabel is indeed growing very fast and is a very bright, mobile (already taken her first steps) not for too much longer baby.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

A New Home For My Stash

OK so I am still not showing any FO's but this is big news.

I have a new home for my stash, and I love it....... for a number of reasons but the top one is that all of my stash is now together in one place. It is no longer spread around in separate hidey holes (sssshhhhh some secret, some not), there is enough room (just about) for it all to be together so when I need something in particular I no longer have to rummage round upstairs desperately hoping a certain person doesn't walk in on me when I'm trying not to give away a secret stash of guilty hoard of illicit buying.

The second reason is the form that it comes in.... hubby and I are now walking straight after a couple of months (!!! for hubby it has been years of moaning) from being doubled up in pain from a bad back.

We have a new bed, we have a new bed with rather a lot of storage space underneath, in fact we have a new bed with the biggest baddest storage we could find!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP
I have managed to get most of my stash into see through packaging so I can mostly see what is where, I have also tried to group some of it together and the yarn I'm more likely to use or have projects in mind for near the bottom and more accessible.

In fact it isn't just a new bed, we have also gained a very tidy bedroom. I got my wardrobe space back from all the stash I had got crammed in there and I am now able to put my clothes away instead of piling them up on the worktop outside the wardrobe because there was no way they would fit in there before!!! This worktop 6 weeks ago had piles of jeans, jumpers etc all lined up. For the last few weeks it has stayed like this. Wonderful.
I was incredibly lucky when we went bed shopping although it didn't feel like it at first. I was totally disappointed with the complete lack of choice for the first few shops we went to..... but we hit jackpot at our 3rd shop and once I'd seen the space in this beauty it was all over. The fact that hubby's eyed had already glazed over and rolled into the back of head was the clincher. He had enough before we even left the house and just wanted to get home so was ready to agree to whatever I wanted ;0) and he didn't even baulk too much at the price. Although it wasn't as expensive as some of the beds we looked at it was a smidgen over what we had said we would pay, then again we hadn't taken into account how much the cost of beds had gone up over the years and nearly every bed we looked at was over what we had expected to pay.
We had some bad news financially the next day but decided to weather the storm, the theory being the bed would last a lot longer than the storm and going for a cheaper option would be false economy. We seem OK so far fingers crossed!
The only downside I can think of is that I obviously won't be able to go in there whilst hubby is in bed, but I usually have enough bits downstairs to keep me occupied so I don't anticipate that being a huge problem.
After the bed was ordered, we had 3 weeks to wait before delivery, so there was a LOT of time to
i) spruce up the bedroom with retouching the paintwork etc and putting down a new carpet,
ii) argue over who gets how much storage with hubby demanding a 50/50 split......
I leave you to guess who won