Thursday, 30 April 2009

Shiny Pretty Things

Well, it is virtually impossible to have a yarn fetish with out developing a fetish for something else too. I'm talking buttons here, they are pretty, shiny, beautiful and (as an afterthought) practical to boot. Now compared to my yarn stash my button collection is a little woeful, but it is one that was started from scratch and the only time I ever think to add to it is when I don't have a button to hand that I need, so it tends to have sporadic bulk additions once in a blue moon which is strange because I do love playing with them and sorting through them etc. I envy those of you out there that inherited button jars etc from grandma's and moms and aunties etc. You are so lucky honestly. Anything retro or vintage in my collection has come from eBay or charity shops and that doesn't sound as nice as a heirloom!

Anyway after investigating my button tubs for a button to go on Frosted Blossom (previous post) and then my local LYS and the House of Fraser in Birmingham city center (never thought to try the rag market, need to make a trip up there soon but they sell yarn too and that makes me very nervous for obvious reasons) I sort of stumbled across these whilst resorting to internet hunting.

So these are just a few bargains that arrived this morning.
These were all bought from eBay, the first pic shows some brand new buttons, two lots of mother of pearl, one white and one blue. Very reasonable I thought at 10 for 50p of each. the ivory heart buttons and car buttons are also quite sweet and they were both 10 for 99p. They came from eBay seller The Kraft Box . The postage was very good value too, I hate sellers who overcharge for postage and frequently decide to choose another seller with more reasonable rates if possible. delivery was quite quick and it was well packaged with good communication. Buying more than one purchase you need to ask for revised p&p as each additional item costs just an extra 1p but it isn't automatic at checkout. My revised invoice was very quick though so not a problem. My total was £3.77 including p&p.
Second photo shows a job lot from a private seller, all second hand but some lovely ones there all the same. This whole lot I won for 40p plus p&p, so not a bad haul for £1.39 in all. It is amazing how cheap it is to make me happy!! The pics I'm afraid are not doing them justice, there are some very pretty ones in there.
The last photo shows my favourites and I have a feeling I'm going to be going through my Ravelry queue fairly soon to see which designs only need single buttons so I have an excuse to use them ;0)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Click Click I've Been Busy

Whoo Hoo, I have another FO. And this one is a proper garment that took ages. It was also finished ages ago (well a about 3 weeks or so) but it has been waiting for a button, I had trouble finding one big enough that I liked but I struck gold yesterday whilst browsing t'internet.
Hubby reckons this is one of my best ever, he actually likes this jacket and as if that wasn't a big bonus I have the double whammy that it fits me well too. It is in fact a perfect fit. It also looks better on me (honest) than it looks in the pic. In regards to taking photos David Bailey I am most definitely not!!!!

The design is by Wendy Wool and is called Frosted Blossom and I got the pattern from Simply Knitting magazine issue no49 Jan 09.

It is a design for Wendy Zena yarn but I used Sirdar Aran with wool and the shade is Cinnamon. It was another bargain buy from about 18 or so months ago. I used just under 650grms for the size 16 (bust size 38in 97cm) which in yardage is a smidgen under 1500 or 1397.0 m.
I do have to say though that the moss stitch took forever, but worth it in the end.
The button is a Dill 60mm and came from and was a very reasonable price along with very reasonable p&p costs. Although the selection of buttons wasn't huge (a thing most places seem to have in common) I recommend this place as my service was excellent. Firstly for speed, I ordered it yesterday lunchtime and it arrived this morning. Secondly communication was very good with emails to notify me to confirm my order, and that it had been dispatched an hour or two later. Thirdly it was well packaged. I will certainly visit them again.
Ps I just fixed the Kemps links. Sorry for putting in a bad linky :( they should work now.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wey Hey an FO

At last a bona fide finished object to show you, I finished it over a week ago to be honest but I've had no Internet connection for 9 days thanks in part to Max for knocking the wireless broadband USB out of the PC one time too many and also thanks to myself for leaving him on there on his .own for 5 min's whilst I got a few jobs done

This is a neck scarf taken from Yarn Forward Magazine no 11 (April 2009). It is the Sea Wool Scarf by Kerrie Allman. It is knitted in 100% 4ply/fingering weight silk, the shade is Raspberry and it is made by The Knitting Goddess. I bought my skein for a very reasonable price on eBay quite a while ago but she has a shop if you are interested. She is also on Ravelry and there is a group for fans of her yarns Knitting Goddesses (and Gods).

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A Whole Load of Stash Enhancement Going On..:-)

OK so I may not have been doing much knitting (well OK I am now but this lot is from I wasn't) but I couldn't stop myself from being a very very very naughty girl. If anyone knows where I can get lessons in willpower, restraint or resistance then please let know, heavens I certainly need it.

This is little lot is from a week of madness two weeks ago now, it has been hibernating since purchased whilst I come to terms with my guilt. It started with the King Cole Smooth, in my local LYS. I also bought a pattern book to go with it but have only remembered that as I typed this up so it isn't in the pics, It's the new Juicy DK pattern book from Sirdar and there are some very pretty patterns in there, it was the cover pattern I wanted the t-shirt with leaf yoke detail. I'll try and get round to adding a piccie later.

Next came a bit of info from a forum I use called Free and Easy Knitters (Hi Girls) where someone (who shall remain nameless) supplied the info that some Rowan as well as other bits on there had been reduced on and I'm afraid the yarn demons sort of took over, all I can say is I woke up on the bed in a daze a few days later...... well at least I wish I could say that but I am as usual guilty as charged you honor .

The last three pics are some stuff bought from House Of Fraser in Birmingham city center. As well as having a two day sale which included the haberdashery dept I also had a whisper from the Brum Knit Night forum on Ravelry (to which I do manage to attend occasionally although never get there as often as I would like) that not only that but they also had a basket full of stuff for 50p a ball from which the labels had been lost. Some of these I have a fair idea of what they are but others I need to do a little sleuthing to know their true identity.

I also got these three balls of Rowan Calmer for half price because they were a little untidy!!

The RYC cashsoft was also 50p a ball, looks like it was a straggler that didn't sell in the sale.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Reason for Not Much Knitting Going On Here :-)

Well these pics are the reason why I haven't done much knitting lately. After 2 years of being stored in the garage my new!! !!kitchen cupboard doors and worktops have finally come out to play when hubby got his *RSE into gear and finally took on the dreaded task of revamping my kitchen.

Gone are the yucky yellow tiles (which a few people have commented since on how much they quite liked them.. they didn't have to live them though), the odd worktops that have been odd for the last 6 years because when we extended the kitchen we couldn't afford a new one so to fill in the extra space we used second hand cupboards and some spare doors we were sent when some of the originals started to split. We had trouble getting matching worktop as it was discontinued so we made do with some old from my SIL because she was having new at the time. In fact from when we bought the house (which was a wreck) we always had to go with the cheap, quick and easy option, and to be fair hubby and his family did a Stirling job to fit an off the shelf kitchen into an empty space that we ordered with only having seen the kitchen once on the house viewing. Over the years as I said it has been added to, reworked and shuffled round when we knocked the outside sheds into the living space and it has been perfectly serviceable, in fact a darn site better than the kitchen at my previous house, but it was only suppose to last a few years...over 10 years later its finally had a face lift.

As I said the new doors, worktops and indeed paint were all bought two years ago, but we still needed a new sink, taps and wall tiles. Whenever we got some money together it would be either Christmas and so it would be spent on that or the car was in a state and so we had to get a new one. Hubby managed to convince me last year to go holiday instead so that delayed it even more, back in Jan though I sort of had a flip moment and one day back from taking the kids to school I decided to get the paint out and go ahead and paint, I was fed up at how tatty it looked, the walls were dirty and paintwork awful. I just thought sod it if I'm going to wait another two years then I may as well paint it anyway and maybe it will feel a bit better, so I went for it one morning and surprised hubby when he came home from work. It took me three days in all, artex ceiling are a pain!! and the wallpaper just soaked up the paint and it took about three coats to cover it properly. I didn't use the original paint bought for the kitchen though, I'd bought yellow to match the tiles but was then adamant I wanted new tiles so I found some magnolia and used that instead. You can't see much of it though to honest too many toy shelves and doors etc in the way.

Anyway it finally galvanised hubby into action, he started off slowly by making the end shelf units etc first ,and we hunted down cheap tiles, the whole kitchen cost less than £60 to tile. A basic sink and taps reduced we found in a sale. Then hubby decided he wanted the old integrated cooker and hob taken out and a slot in one fitted instead. He never liked the integrated ones from day one and because he was doing all the work I finally gave in and agreed, he wanted electric but we couldn't find the socket switch which was hidden by plaster boarding from when we moved in, and then it turned out there wasn't space on the fuse board anyway so we had to have a gas one or a new fuse board and a lot of wiring which would have meant all upstairs floorboards and laminate flooring coming up. So I have ended up with a new double oven gas cooker. The old one was a basic 2 in 1 grill and oven which although I learned to cope with it was limiting and a pain in the backside when trying to cook for parties etc.

Now I know hubby did the vast majority of the work (helped in part by his BIL and brother as well I must add) but I wasn't allowed sit twiddling my thumbs or rather clicking my pins, I found out early on it didn't go down too well, and things went much smoother and quicker if I was on hand as a gofer or labourer to do the menial tasks. So I made the sacrifice of my pins lying unused and unloved behind the sofa for few weeks, but I must say I am very pleased with the result. It may not be to everyones else taste, and it was done on the cheap, quick and easy route yet again but for another 10 years or at least until I've saved up £20,000 or so for my ultimate dream kitchen (mind you that may mean restricted stash enhancement, never gonna happen!) this will do me very nicely thank you very much. Hubby you've done me very proud. Thank you.