Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Not Much Knitting Going On Here :-(

Well it's been a while again since I got round to doing a blog post. Yes I know naughty me but things have been a little hectic and it's hard to show what I've been knitting when I haven't actually been doing any knitting, well not real knitting anyway. I have a few UFO's behind the settee, some of them have been languishing there now for quite a while, in fact if I'm brave enough to think really hard I may have to admit to at least one being there double figure months, and being as though it is a jacket for one of the boys if I don't pull my finger out soon it will not fit either of them.
The only thing that has been on my needles in the last 4 weeks is a pink funky fur teddy that I was asked to do by my friends daughter Gina. Her mum had promised to do it but Liz isn't the quickest of knitters (her words not mine) and Gina was getting a little worried as the kit had been sat there for quite a while untouched. I did have a quiet word with Liz that Gina had asked me to do it and the grateful look of relief from Liz at the mere mention of it had me agreeing to do it and hiding my own horror at having to knit with the vile eyelashy stuff. I did however say that I would knit it but sewing it up and stuffing it would be a mother /daughter project to which Liz readily agreed. Mind you as it turns out it has taken me well over a fortnight to knit it anyway. I haven't got around taking the pieces to Liz and Gina yet either so there aren't any piccies of the cute little fella because at the moment it is just pieces of fur and I haven't quite worked out how Liz will sew it up when she can't tell which are the cast on edges and which are the cast off. I have a funny feeling that the sewing up will be a 3 person project.
The other downside is Max spotted me knitting it and now wants one, "but not in pink mummy cos I am a boy"!!
I found a pic that I forgot that I had taken, stumbled across it looking for something else. I suppose she is a cutie. I have in fact delivered her body parts to her real home and hopefully they will be made up before too long.