Friday, 28 August 2009

Belated Birthday

This is again (as with a lot of my posts just a teeny!!! bit overdue. We are in the last week in August and Max's birthday was about 9 weeks ago back in June. It isn't so much that I forgot to put a Max's birthday post on my blog it was a I completely forgot I had done a blog post with Zakk's birthday. Sorry Macca but here you are a blog post all to yourself too.

These are pictures taken from the family after school tea that happened on his actual birthday rather than the big joint party that was two weeks previous. That seems so long ago now it is incredible how time flies!!!

PS, it is a spiderman cake and we could have saved ourselves so much money as it was the only thing he wanted for his birthday, and the band around the cake???? he played with it for weeks after, 5 year olds have incredible imaginations..

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Gina's Turn

Well both Charlotte and Isabel have both had their own blog posts and now it is Gina's turn. For someone who is usually quite a tom-boy I think she has potential for a model!! Very professional posing there Gina :0)

Georgina 's birthday was a few weeks ago and these are the cardies I knitted for her birthday. They were both taken from The Juicy Book by Sirdar Spinning Ltd as were Charlotte's. In fact the Frilled edge Bolero is the same design but obviously in a different colour and yarn.
This one is another Frilled Edge Bolero, the same as Charlotte's taken from Sirdar's The Juicy Book, design H. It is knitted in Sirdar Bonus DK and features a two tone frill around the edge, mainly cos it was stash yarn that didn't stretch quite as far as it should have, but I actually like the effect.

This one is also from The Juicy Book, design F Lacy Cropped Cardies. It is knitted in King Cole Baby Comfort DK. Very soft for an acrylic yarn and I have used it quite a few times. In fact I think most of the projects on Ravelry for this yarn are mine.

Well I think she liked them anyway, the cardie she had been wearing was straight away stripped off and these tried on!!!

I also did another few of these for my youngest niece Alice, no piccies yet though I'm hopeful to get some.

These were actually finished quite a while ago now, I have been lazy in blog updating again, but it has been the summer hols for the kids here in the UK. Another 31 days and they will be back at school YIPEEEEEE. Only joking honest!! the boys have both been very good, still to young to realise that being bored is cool. I love their innocence and the fact that they manage to fill their days themselves. I suppose it helps an awful lot that they are so close in age and are best friends, they rarely get bored with each other!! Fingers crossed that lasts as long as possible.