Thursday, 29 April 2010

Oh Wow Has It Been THAT Long, NO, REALLY..

(GULP) has it really been that long since I last blogged???? Where did that go?? How on earth do I go about catching up on that amount of time cos I am still knitting honestly, maybe not churning out as much production as I was, (darn you Facebook you are too bloody addictive with your Farmville's and Cafe Worlds and Bejewelled Blitz bits) but I do still have a respectable list of FO's, they may not all have made it onto my Ravelry page either but they are real. I have witnesses and recipients to prove it.

I had some great posts in my head I kept meaning to sit down and do. For a start I cannot believe I didn't blog about Harrogate, my first night spent away from my family in nearly 15 years, the fantabby time I had meeting fellow Fekkers, friends made over the Internet but except for a few had never met in person (and can I add what a wonderful and lovely bunch of ladies they are). The fantastic time I spent in the wonderful hospitality of my very lovely friends GG and HWN who who invited me to stay in their home, the great day we all had meeting up with each other. Chris and Lucy who I spent most of the day with trawling round the halls and trying not to be headless chickens and grabbing the first delights we came across (well OK maybe that was just me ;0) ).

There were many Christmas presents and commissions and I was again knitting till the last minute. Christmas swap gifts were also received and gifted in the Fekker's Secret Santa Swap. I was overjoyed with my gift from the lovely Leigh who totally pandered to my button fetish and sent me a whole heap of beautiful shiny bits that I still take out and stroke every so often. A great stress reliever, and well needed a lot over the last few months.

Well my intentions at the moment are entirely honourable and I intend to come back very soon with a decent post and pictures, honest I just hope that I have no crops that need harvesting.......