Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Hat For Luke

Hhhmm another gap in blogging! Never mind I'm here now even if it's a quickie post.
This is a hat I made for my son Luke's birthday a few! okay 4 weeks ago. Can you believe this handsome chap was 21! I can hardly believe it myself. It doesn't seem more than 5 minutes since he was the same age as Zakk or Max.
The time is flying by at the moment don't you think? It's start of the run up to Christmas now, every time I blink it's another week nearer YIKES!!
Here is the man himself modelling it very nicely I hope you'll agree, there was another photo with an altogether different type of hand gesture!! This is a family blog so in spite of his disappointment I will leave that photo on the camera!
The yarn is the remains of the Lang DK 100% super wash merino that I used for the Drops Bolero and I just had enough around 60 grms worth. Not quite sure what that is in yardage but 1 and a half skeins on Rav is coming up at 147 yards or 135 metres.
The pattern is one I did on my own after discovering the aran weight one I found on Ravelry I hadn't enough yarn for so had to frog it and start again. I tried knitting it with the yarn held double for a thicker warmer hat but I ran out a few inches from the top.
I am going to put the pattern on here but I was rather hoping to do a PDF version so I am waiting for a few quiet hours when I can learn how to do it!

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LaaLaa said...

Ah, look at him! Happy birthday Luke! I hope he had a great day. He does look very handsome in his new hat. Lynda xx